Bigger, in all reality, IS better.

My first laptop was a Apple 17″ Powerbook G4. That was followed by the Apple 17″ first generation MacBook Pro. And now, I have the last of the 17″ MacBook Pro’s to be released.

As someone that uses software that can very quickly clutter the screen with pallets, windows and tabs, a 17″ screen is the prime piece of screen real estate a creative can ever ask for. I do understand that Apple likes to be clever in the revenue generation streams in which it swims, but discontinuing the 17″ MacBook Pro has left a 17″ hole in my heart.

I could go out and buy a 15″ retina display MacBook Pro and throw an external monitor in the trolley, but then I’m defeating the purpose of purchasing the retina display, and, having an external monitor means that my laptop is now essentially a desktop.

So, does this mean we are now at the end of an era? I hope not. All that we can hope for, is that Apple has some kind of 17″ Ace up its sleeve due to release before there are 17″ MacBook Pro’s being stripped down and spec’ed up to upgrade the hardware while still retaining 17″ of screen to work with.


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