iWant, iNeed… iLove

Apple are geniuses. Not only do they create the objects of our ever wanting desire, they create a need. They create a want to need. Following the WWDC Apple Live event yesterday, never has the world wanted gadgets like they do now.

I started off with a Nokia 3210 as my first phone and an Intel Pentium 4 something something as my first PC, so while I’m no stranger to the entire Apple range, it wasn’t always that way. Change bought about my technical revolution and since then, I’ve never turned back.

My first introduction to Apple products was when I was in college where I was shown the gleaming silver tower of the G5 Mac Pro, setup and ready for me to use as the tool that was going to help forge my creative future. At first, I would run my gorgeously designed single button Mighty Mouse up and down the dock in perpetuity just to watch beautiful design in motion. I would also slow down the minimising of a window into the same dock just because I could. The operating system and functionality felt like it had be custom designed just for me. I was mesmerised. Later in that same year, my music listening life would forever be changed with the introduction of the iPod Mini. I opened the box with no idea how to use it or even where to start. It was a new and unfamiliar device for me to come to grips with, and like all males, I didn’t need to read the manual. With that being said, after 3 or 5 minutes, I had it waxed, because that is how Apple designs – Intuitively.

Upon graduating, I started my first job, and I felt as if I was being punished by having to work on a Windows PC. That year, my birthday wish list was simple. Apple PowerBook G4. That’s all. I didn’t need anything else. I didn’t want anything else. Making it easy for my folks, on May 28th 2005 I tore open the wrapping paper to see all my hearts yearnings and desires amassed into one object. I ditched the work PC and rather out performed my other employees with a machine of uncompromised speed and reliability.

The next step to my Apple evolution was the acquisition of my first iPhone. The iPhone 4. A device that so seamlessly integrated its existence into my life that it became more streamlined and efficiently optimised, until I downloaded Angry Birds. And so the story continues, that to this day I have the iPhone 5, MacBook Pro, iPad, iPod Classic, Wireless Magic Mouse and a hand full of other Apple products, not entirely based on necessity, but also out of want. My computer and phone are rudimentary in my working life and are of the utmost importance to me technically, but the other items are there mostly for my own indulgence. Then I see “Apple Live Event 09/09/2014. Wish we could say more.” on the Apple homepage, and already, I know I want what I can only assume the live event is going to deliver.

Yesterday Apple revealed it’s new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, along with the Apple Watch. You can get a phone that does exactly that – makes and receives calls. You can buy a camera with a great pixel density and image resolution. You can buy a watch that tells you the time and date. You can check your emails on your laptop or desktop. You can jot down birthday and meeting reminders in your cat calendar on the wall. We have Nokia, we have Casio, we have HP and we have paper, so why the need for a new iPhone or Apple Watch? Firstly, it’s the newer version of “old” tech, so that needs very little further explanation, however, the new iPhone also plays host to a plethora of new features that leave my creative self weak at the knees.

Secondly, It’s beautiful. It is the vision of pure unadulterated geek eye candy. As strange as it is to use human adjectives to describe a piece of metal and glass, the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus is the pure embodiment of all things alluring and resplendent, making it deserving of such an accolade. The screen has an on screen pixel density higher than that of high resolution print artwork, insuring we spend more time looking at the world through a lens of camera, capturing our every living moment.

On that note, let’s take a brief look inside. Along with all the other updates, my attention was peaked with the iPhone 6’s new 8 MP iSight camera with an image stabiliser the makes your home video look as if it were professionally shot with a fully rigged steady-cam, thanks to its internal gyroscope. The camera also has timelapse and slow motion shooting capabilities that are now native instead of having to use 3rd party apps. Those are some of the immediate highlights that the iPhone 6 offers and with that in mind, I’m sure its not long before we see the side lines of our favourite rugby and football games being filmed by a single camera man equipped with nothing but an iPhone 6 instead of demi gods clad in heavy steady-cam equipment to get us right up close and personal with our favourite sporting stars. The days of arriving on set to see an iPhone 6 fixed in the camera cradle ready to shoot commercials or feature films is not too far fetched anymore. The iPhone is single handily bridging the gap between professional camera equipment and something that lives in your pocket. This kind of development also empowers the up and comings of tomorrow to create content that was not as possible to produce as it is now. The camera has also been updated to fit right in with the habits of todays photo taking – Selfies. You can use the updated FaceTime camera to take the perfect selfie to share with whoever your heart desires. Foodies can take the perfect picture of their tasty morsels. Sports fans can take photos using burst mode to minimise motion blur of fast moving objects, by taking 10 still photos per second. Panoramic photo shooting give you the opportunity to share a kind of 1st person view photo with your friends and family, by giving the photo a much wider field of view. Apple has adapted the iPhone to meet your needs and expectations, masterfully turning it into the quintessential portable device.

The Apple Watch isn’t a “new” product in the official Apple range. You were able to buy a strap for your 6th generation iPod Nano and it was essentially what you saw revealed yesterday. Except the evolution of the iPod Nano “Watch” has been so catastrophic, that it appears the two ideas don’t even share a single strain of overlapping DNA. The Apple Watch is incredible. It has a Digital Crown scroll wheel as well as a touch screen functionality. It is the exercise fans new best friend. But it’s also something more than just that. As Apple themselves have said “All watches tell the time. This one helps you make the most of it.” I think there is no better way to surmise what the Apple Watch can do. It personalises communication like no other portable device can. You can hold two finger down on the screen and it records an animated heart beating that is 100% synced to your person heart beat and allows you to send that on to some one. Why? Just to let them know, you thinking of them. You could also send that on to to you cardiologist who may say “Thanks for thinking of me, I’ll be in ER 7 waiting for you – your heart is about to explode.” That coupled with Walkie Talkie capabilities, the Health app, Music, Calendar, Photos, Mail, Pinterest, Facebook etc, the Apple Watch is extraordinary in every way possible and no doubt, going to be on the wish list of people the world over. BUT, do you need it? No. Do you want it? Unquestionably, Yes.

As you may have discovered, I am slightly biased towards Apple. Not because I think they are the best, but because I think they are the best for me. People say that Apple products are not for them… But they are. Apple demonstrates that unbridled creativity and passion, along with a unsurpassed build quality and child like imagination, conjures up some of the most sublime products that just work in the lives of the every day user, like you and I. They show us that we may not need a lot of what they have on offer, but my word, do we want them. Apple, you have once again created a want to need and that is fundamentally what everyone strives to achieve. Take a bow, Apple, you deserve it.